Product Specifications

Weight 8.8 lbs (4kg)

Height 16.5” (420 mm)

Length 49” (420 mm)

Rotor Diameter 53” (1345 mm)

Power Plant Electric motor, rechargeable lithium polymer quick-swap battery pack.

Speed 35 knots /40 mph

Launch Method Auto take-off

Recovery Auto landing

Range Up to 5 km operating range

Operating Altitude Up to 10,000 ft. MSL

Flight Endurance 25+ Minutes

Payload EO camera, multiple high-resolution digital image sensors, Infared camera.

Datalink Data up/downlink, video downlink, Mesh Network

Flight Control Adaptive Flight FCS20 Integrated Flight Control System

Operating modes Autonomous flight with pre-programmed waypoints

Ground Control Station PC-based Ground Control Application with advanced simulation and interface

Other Option SD Card for Firmware Upgrade and Image Storage

Hornet Maxi


Adaptive Flight’s Hornet Maxi is our versatile “ISR Workhorse”. With plenty of payload capacity and up to 45 minutes of flight time, the Hornet Maxi can support a wide range of mission and sensor options.

The Hornet Maxi can provide real-time video and high-resolution digital imagery needed while hovering or in-flight to complete critical missions safely and successfully. Operators can capture high-resolution images and transmit a region of interest (Rol) to the Ground Control Station via secure digital link for real-time viewing. High-resolution images are also stored onboard for later retrieval.

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