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Hornet Maxi UAS

Versatile ISR Workhorse

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Adaptive Flight’s Hornet Maxi is the “ISR Workhorse” now comes in both electric and gas. With large payload capacity, multiple payload options and long endurance of up to 2.5 hours (gas version), the Hornet Maxi will support a wide range of missions including support of close-range operations in cluttered urban terrain.

Unmatched maneuverability and ease of use allow the Hornet Maxi to capture real-time video and high-resolution digital images from any position. Instrumented with Adaptive Flight’s FCS20 Advanced Flight Control System, the Hornet Maxi is so advanced that it is easy to operate. Take-off is as simple as a push of a button. Fly with a standard joystick controller or preprogram the flight on the Hornet Ground Control Station. Navigate close to buildings. Simulate complete missions in advance.

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Advanced FCS20 Flight Control System

  • DSP/FPGA technology

  • 100 General Purpose IOpins

  • Ethernet

  • MicroSD Card

  • Flight Modes: Autonomous Flight (Waypoint Navigation), Semi-Autonomous Flight

  • Stability Augmentation System

  • GPS-denied Auto Mode

Sensor / Payload Options

  • PTZ

  • Daylight Video

  • Infrared

  • CMOS Image Sensor

Communications Options

  • Wireless Serial Modem

  • Secure Digital Dual Band Mesh Networking Radio