Power is nothing without control.

Advanced UAV tech.


Complete Control

When lives depend on what you know and how quickly you can react, Adaptive Flight’s Hornet Micro UAS delivers the superior visual intelligence needed to make critical operational decisions. Unmatched maneuverability and ease of use allow the Hornet to capture real-time video and high-resolution digital images from any position. Sophisticated flight control, and on-board processing for advanced operations make Hornet the smartest, smallest helicopter ever. The Hornet Micro UAS is a unique surveillance system designed to support close-range reconnaissance missions during tactical operations in cluttered urban terrain. Instrumented with Adaptive Flight’s FCS20 Advanced Flight Control System, the Hornet Micro UAS is so advanced that it is easy to operate. Take-off is a simple button-push. Fly with a standard joystick controller or preprogram the flight on the Ground Control Station. Navigate close to buildings. Simulate complete missions in advance.

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