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the future of uav flight control technology


  • World First Inverted VTOL UAV Release! March 2012

    AFI Drops one on its head! As apart of a special program Adaptive Flight is currently working on we have successfully release a Hornet Micro inverted. The system has the ability to either stop and remain inverted or to execute the maneuver to right itself. To Adaptive Flights knowledge this is the first time this has ever been performed and demonstrates the agility and of both the FCS20 Autopilot and the Hornet Micro.

  • New FAA Bill! March 2012

    Adaptive Flight’s Hornet Micro (2.4 lbs) is a great solution for first responders wanting to immediately add UAVs to their portfolio. President Obama has signed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Modernization and Reform Act 2012 which includes provisions for granting military, commercial, and privately-owned unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) greater access to U.S. airspace. One of the major provisions of the bill allows first responders to fly very small UAS (4.4 pounds or less) within 90 days if they meet certain requirements. The Hornet Micro falls within that weight specification. Another provision of the Act will require small UAS (under 55 pounds) be allowed to fly in the U.S. Arctic, 24 hours a day, beyond line-of-sight, at an altitude of at least 2,000 feet, within one year. Adaptive Flight’s Hornet Mini (8.8 lbs) and Hornet Maxi (15 – 18 lbs) are both ideal options which fall within the weight specifications.
    Click here to view:FAA Bill

  • New Hornet Magnum February 2012

    Adaptive Flight has added the Hornet Magnum to our product line. The Hornet Magnum is geared toward government,industrial and research purposes. With a 10.3ft rotor diameter and liquid cooled 40 H.P. rotary engine the Hornet Magnum is a solid workhorse for your heavy lift application. Currently Adaptive Flight is equipping two of these very large vehicles for an international customer in preparation of a military demonstration.