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    • November 2012

      Atlanta, GA. – November 26, 2012 Adaptive Flight, Inc (AFI) has introduced its new Hornet Maxi UAV. With its gasoline engine, this vehicle was specifically designed for missions requiring long endurance and extended range. The Hornet Maxi is capab...(More...)

    • July 2012

      Atlanta, GA. – July 12, 2012 Adaptive Flight, Inc. is working with the University of Texas Radionavigation Laboratory under an ongoing project to test whether it is feasible to take over an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) by spoofing the GPS signal. ...(More...)

    • March 2012

      AFI Drops one on its head! As apart of a special program Adaptive Flight is currently working on we have successfully release a Hornet Micro inverted. The system has the ability to either stop and remain inverted or to execute the maneuver to right itself...(More...)