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AFI Orion Autopilot & Flight Management System

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Advanced Flight Control Systems

Delivering cutting edge flight control and UAV products ...

OrionFMS Autopilot

Complete Flight Management System

Flight Control

Advanced Flight & Mission Capabilities

Operator Interface

Multiple Station Control & Monitoring

Simulation Environment

Full Parameterized Environmental Effects

About Us

Founded in late 2005 by researchers at the Georgia Tech UAV Research Facility and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Adaptive Flight, Inc. (AFI) designs and develops advanced flight control and management systems for manned and unmanned systems. The OrionFMS autopilot product line offers enhanced flight control , vehicle management, and payload management capabilities essential for real world UAS missions in adverse weather, GPS denied environments, and cluttered or urban terrain. The OrionFMS advanced flight control system is considered by many experts around the world to be, the most advanced and capable rotorcraft flight control system available.

Our Services

Adaptive Flight Inc. is a proven leader in the design and development of flight control technologies for both Fixed-Wing (FW) and single and multi-rotor Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) UAVs and offers the following services:

Autopilot Integration

Flight control Integration onto custom FW and VTOL UAV airframes

Avionics Design & Assembly

Integration of the OrionFMS autopilot onto custom FW and VTOL UAV airframes

UAV Design & Prototyping

Design and customization of existing and new platforms including full prototyping, integration and testing

Software Design & Simulation

Custom software design including integration of OEM communication and payload modules


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